Friday, March 15, 2013


Physically – Normal. No headaches, back and neck don’t hurt too badly. Sleeping okay and have enough energy to cook, clean and run the boys around. All tests from the doctor are either normal or of no concern. Weight is under control. Keep missing Yoga. Need to get back on that horse! Need to get off Dr. Pepper and fast food. Spring is coming, I can smell it, so it can happen. Can’t ask for much more that that!

Emotionally – Unbalanced but hopeful. Now that my physical health is taken care of, it’s time to take care of the emotional/mental. I need to BREATHE! Watch this space for more info coming soon…

Spiritually – A little rocked because of the emotional stuff, but not too. A little disheartened because of the lack of temple, but I can fix it. DH gave me a blessing on Tuesday and it was so so helpful. I love that guy. So. Much.

Goal – I keep failing, but the goal is the temple. Come heck or high water!! I did talk to my friend who has a daughter Huey’s age and arranged for them to do baptisms together, but I haven’t scheduled with the temple yet – but I will!

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