Monday, March 4, 2013

Things I could totally get done if I was a Vampire

I get so frustrated with my life because I get so tired all the time and I wake up just as tired and I just wish that I wasn’t tired. Sleeping seems like such a waste of time because it doesn’t cure my tiredness. It doesn’t matter if I get sleep or not, I never feel rested or like I even slept at all, so why bother with sleeping? So if I was a vampire I wouldn’t have to sleep and I wouldn’t be too tired to get stuff done and then maybe I would even have some time to do something for myself besides blogging and painting my nails – which is what the boys think I do all the time.
One time DH was in bed and Dewey asked him for help. DH asked Dewey “Where’s your mother?” His response – “Painting her nails, like always.” Once a week, if that, I take five minutes to paint my nails. It’s the one thing that I do to indulge myself while the boys are awake. Grrrr. That made me so mad. They act like all I do is sit around on my chaise lounge eating bon-bons. I don’t even have a chaise lounge! (but I would love one, in red, in my bedroom in front of our picture window, with some fluffy cushions and a snuggly blanket) Plus, I haven’t had chocolate in WEEKS. Hmmmm, maybe that’s why I’m so grumpy?
So anyway, on with the list:

  • My nails would always be perfectly manicured.
  • I would take the time to do my hair
  • I could take the time to do my make-up
  • I could take the time to shower.
  • I would be awesomely accessorized.
  • My closet would be organized
  • My craft room would be organized.
  • Menus would be planned.
  • Floors would be cleaned.
  • The dog would be brushed every day.
  • The dog would be walked every day.
  • The dog poo would be picked up out of the back yard.
  • My scrapbooks would be caught up.
  • I would have a section in my craft room for scrapbooking.
  • I would have a section in my craft room for sewing.
  • I would watch all the movies I want.
  • I could get caught up on the television that I like.
  • I would have time to read.
  • I could read ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
  • The bathrooms would be clean.
  • The ironing would be done.
  • The laundry would be done.
  • The dishes would be done.
  • The house would be tidy.
  • The garage would be cleaned up and organized.
  • There would be no dog hair all over the house.
  • DH would never complain about how un-organized I am.
  • The boys would have their homework done at a decent time, and never get behind because I would never be too tired to fight with them about it.
  • My car would be clean.
  • I could do some of the things that I've pinned on Pinterest, rather than just pinning them and then pining for time to do them.
  • I could take a bath.
  • I could write.
  • I could take a class.
  • I could take a photography class.
  • I could get my degree.
  • I could learn the guitar.
  • I could learn Italian.
  • I would cook gorgeous, yummy meals.
  • The yard would look beautiful and there would never be any weeds.
  • I could get the curtains up.
  • I could paint and decorate and make the house pretty.
This list could also be titled “Things I could totally get done if I never had to leave the house”, but being a vampire would be so much sexier than being a hermit… although…. being a hermit sounds pretty great too.

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